Why newspapers should follow Pinterest

Pinterest is the latest and greatest in the world of social networks. It is a collage of images drawn from websites by individual users. Is it a guy thing? Not at all. Pinterest draws the woman interested in pretty images and visually appealing videos, including crafts and cooking projects. I didn’t find much of a blatantly commercial nature on Pinterest, but apparently some expect that is coming. Blue Glass blogger Kerry Jones writes:

“As with any network, once Pinterest grows there will most likely be features added specifically for businesses (promoted pins? sponsored boards?).”

Just for fun, I looked for pins that came from The Dallas Morning News‘ website, dallasnews.com. I used the following search string: http://pinterest.com/source/dallasnews.com.

So how can the media tap into the interest in Pinterest?

  • Take note of the design. Pinterest has already influenced web design with its grid of photos and minimal text. Just like graph paper themes and rounded corners on photos, this grid motif is the design trend of the day.
  • Study this emerging marketplace: for business yet, most expect that to be the next step.
  • An individual could use Pinterest to link to existing content from anywhere. Just saying. Categories ripe for the picking on Pinterest include recipes and other lifestyle articles.
  • How are other companies using Pinterest? Here are some ways:

  • High Pointe Market selects “Style Spotters” who pin High Pointe products they like.
  • Gemvara, a custom jewelry retailer in Boston, has a Pinterest presence that leads to greatly increased exposure to its products.
  • Real Simple magazine found that Pinterest drove more traffic to its website than Facebook did last October.
  • Nordstrom has a Pinterest page. It lists the “social team” doing the page by first names.
  • And finally, information from others on how companies can use Pinterest now:

  • Reggie Bradford on TechCrunch
  • Inc. magazine’s John Brandon
  • Nina Churchill in Social Media Today
  • Bill Ross on LinchpinSEO
  • Kara Kane on The Agency Post
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