Red Sox nation

An experiment by The Boston Globe graphically depicts how the nation is feeling about the Boston Red Sox. It looks like a lot of work and thought went into the page. Like other research, the Pulse page (has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?) relies on Twitter feed analysis for its conclusions.

Still, I am underwhelmed, and here’s why.

First of all, I would definitely be shaded yellow, since I don’t really care much one way or another about the Boston Red Sox. Are the Sox the most controversial thing about Boston? Maybe starting with sports, which is something newspapers do well with their ability to publish reams of stats, makes sense.

However, this type of navel-gazing (what does the rest of the nation really think about us?) gets old quick.

1. Why the Red Sox? Why not the Ivy League?

2. Isn’t this overkill?

3. It’s flashy. It’s intricate. It’s boring.

Feel free to disagree.


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